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Marketing / Design / 2016
Clever Elements
Marketing / Design / 2016

Clever Elements

Enhancing the brand & website experience for better customer engagement

Clever Elements is a provider of email marketing software that enables users to design, send and track beautiful newsletter campaigns online.

The business was founded in 2003, and today are one of the leading email marketing platforms for professional use worldwide. Being 100% self-funded and owner managed, Clever Elements is an entirely customer centric business, accountable to their customers and nobody else. This is the reason they have achieved a 99.8% customer satisfaction rate.

Over the years they have earned the trust of more than 250,000 members including global giants Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Samsung.

Clever Elements continuously invest in their infrastructure, design and customer support to look after their customers, but when it came to the marketing website they weren’t demonstrating their investment to new customers or to current customers with an out-dated website style and an un-intuitive user experience.

Although Clever Elements are successful with 250,000 members including global giants Coca-Cola, McDonald's and Samsung, they had to find a way to keep up, and jump ahead of the game. This is where Despark came in, to transform their brand and online presence.

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The Brief

With 82% of B2B and B2C companies using email marketing technology, the market is becoming increasingly crowded and both retaining customers and attracting new ones is becoming harder.

The marketing website needed a visual refresh and improved user experience to meet the demand of current customers, to address the expectations of the target audience and to position the service as a leader in the digital space.

We were briefed to create a new brand identity, and develop a more engaging, simpler and clearer user experience across the Clever Elements marketing website. The goal was to emphasise the beauty of their product and the multitude of its functions.

Reinvent the brand identity and create a beautiful website to enhance user experience and customer engagement.

The Approach

At project initiation we started by interviewing key stakeholders within the business to understand the challenges they faced with their current site from a visual, communication and management perspective. By identifying the challenges we could start to map out opportunities for enhancing the brand and digital presence.

The next phase of discovery was to build up knowledge of what’s already out there in the market through competitor reviews and trend analysis in branding, design and UX. From this we focussed on only what was important and key to Clever Elements and made further research relevant to them by interviewing their users to definine personas and user cases based on that. Using the results we improved the user experience by applying a clear navigation and concise user journeys. We created a strong, bold and simplistic identity that represented Clever Elements and their premium products beautifully. The design vision was developed over several iterations to make it pixel perfect.

Every single icon and feature across the website was crafted to fit the new Clever Elements branding. For this we made a toolkit. The creativity was injected into all of the minor details including the 404 error page so that the page, if a user should land on it, would be a creative representation of the brand itself.

Presenting the useful content was key to effectively communicating with the user. Content across the site includes clear product benefits, transparency around product costs, the brand vision & values, strong call-to-actions, features & results presentation and solid customer testimonials.

As an entirely customer centric business, we personalised the websites content to effectively communicate and interact with customers, supporting customer retention and attract new ones. 

From a technology and process perspective we were responsible for writing the HTML/CSS and creating a tailored, slick and easy-to-use CMS on Laravel. We implemented Google Analytics to capture key project metrics.

Some of the key functionality within the website includes:

  • An integrated IP switch which locates users by their IP address and displays relevant information on the website.
  • An Intercom plugin allowing direct chat between the Clever Elements team and the customer. Upon registration, the website captures the customers e-mail and browser language settings and then passes them to the Platform.
  • That way we can define the default language for the customer making their return visit more personalised and easier.

The Result

The final result was a reinvention of the brand identity and creation of a beautiful website to enhance user experience and customer engagement. The website prides itself by truly putting the customer first.

The website is simple, easy to manage, and provides an effortless & engaging experience from a users perspective. The site clearly demonstrates Clever Elements' values and beliefs, and the stunning icons and attention to detail in the user experience shows the beauty, elegance and simplicity of their products key features.

Before the website had even launched in June the design received an astonishing amount of interest and admiration from the creative industry. The Clever Elements new branding and website transformation became a Behance ‘featured project’ and received over 1,000 appreciations with over 70 comments from the creative community.

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