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To build a platform is
to connect people, intelligently

A digital ecosystem allows you to create and capture value, removing unnecessary gatekeepers and helping consumers and producers meet each other’s needs. This creates intelligence which can unlock spare capacity and help you scale. But without a clear understanding of who the first users of your platform will be and what’s in it for them, you risk getting off to a slow start.

At Despark, we’ve built digital platforms from the ground up for entrepreneurs, nonprofits and large organisations, and we’ve seen first-hand how they’re changing the world for the better.

We’re expertly placed to be right by your side through:

  • Strategy, discovery & planning
  • Navigating governance, regulatory and ethical considerations
  • Identifying and connecting with key users, stakeholders and service providers
  • Exploring and implementing financial and marketplace models
  • Creating an ethical persuasion, gamification and user acquisition strategy
  • Safeguarding data & privacy
  • Prototyping, launching and continuously iterating as new features are rolled out
  • Delivering rock solid code, ongoing support and quality assurance and seamless project management

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Supporting entrepreneurs to create a new community for tourists

We helped ski-loving startup Dahu build a platform to make it easier for people to find and book services in the mountains. By identifying new ways to connect tourists, instructors and service providers in a digital ecosystem that’s intuitive, safe, fair and fast, Dahu’s mountain marketplace is on track to revolutionise the tourism industry year-round.

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Despark has been a great coach, discussing what was and wasn’t important at each stage. They provide great senior level attention and are easy to work with.

Dahu on Despark
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Empowering health professionals

The entrepreneurs behind Altrix saw an opportunity to give hospitals a way to better reach band 5 shift nurses, circumventing the expensive agencies which cost the NHS millions each year, and putting the power to choose and respond to shifts at short notice in the hands of each temporary nurse. Their platform is an entirely new hybrid agency model which is scalable, accessible and already saving hospitals and shift nurses money. The MVP is being trialled and will be rolled out in new areas in the coming months.

It’s impressive to find a partner that can scope out what an idea might look like, as well as designing, building, and deploying the app.

Altrix on Despark

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