Healthcare software and medical products development

Delivering digital health

With hundreds of health applications being launched each day and only a handful of them attracting more than a few thousand downloads, it’s more vital than ever to approach innovation in digital healthcare the smart way.

You need a partner who can inject strategic insight into your big idea and lead you through the maze of regulatory, tech and social & ethical considerations.

At Despark we have a unique understanding of the level of complexity healthcare considerations add to app design and development services as well as the requirements and associated challenges across the project lifecycle.

Our multidisciplinary team can help you understand critical business and design factors such as:

  • Security & privacy
  • Simple and functional design
  • Key user journey design and optimisation
  • User data administration
  • How to connect patients and professionals
  • Getting approval in the NHS Apps Library
  • History of diagnosis
  • Analytics and data mining
  • Integration with pre-existing systems and processes
  • Ethical practices

Tackling the problem of how to share medical records securely

How do you save time, money and prevent stress for doctors, insurers and patients who need to give and get consent to view medical records? Tamedocs is a revolutionary new platform whose mission is to tame the complicated process of sharing documents containing sensitive information. More transparency for patients, more efficiency for health professionals and insurers and more peace of mind for everyone. Here’s how we built it:

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Building a self-development platform to reach Generation Z

As an established coaching business, the team behind CURV spotted what was holding back young and ambitious clients: they needed to keep what they were learning front of mind in order to make progress overcoming anxiety and procrastination, building confidence and becoming more assertive. The concept? To convert science, studies and ideas on human behaviour into simple, powerful actions users could take every day. The format? Short, engaging video content. Progress, reimagined. We helped them bring CURV to life.

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Empowering patients to access online medical consultations abroad

Custom healthcare solutions can reach previously inaccessible populations at a scale unimaginable a decade ago, providing greater equality and access to experts across borders. Healthyco connects patients in Eastern Europe and beyond with medical professionals overseas. We worked with the founders to create a digital platform matching users to relevant healthcare providers who provide valuable second opinions on health concerns. Users can search, schedule, pay for and receive a consultation all from within the app, removing geographical and logistical barriers to quality healthcare.

Pixelpal: A chat app for introverts. Fighting loneliness by helping people build new friendships.

Inspired by the pen pal experience of his youth, Pixelpal's founder wanted to create a modern equivalent - a social media platform for meaningful connections where the focus is on the topic of conversation and shared interests. This empowers people to interact with each other and to build friendships more easily, thus improving their mental health and well-being. In many ways, Pixelpal is the perfect chat app for introverts.We brought the idea to life and launched the MVP on June 12th 2019. We used React Native and cutting edge GraphQL features to implement real-time communication, giving users a smooth, intuitive experience.

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Connecting health professionals

Health is a fertile ground for startups. Often, it takes a new pair of eyes to take a look at how things are done and shake it up. The entrepreneurs behind Altrix saw an opportunity to give hospitals a way to better reach band 5 shift nurses, circumventing the expensive agencies which cost the NHS millions each year, and putting the power to choose and respond to shifts at short notice in the hands of each temporary nurse.

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Despark have really taken our team on a journey. We had an idea of what we wanted to develop, but no real way of knowing how to technically achieve it. They’ve helped us with all facets of the build project from start to finish. They have been our strategic partner from scoping, design, build right through to deploying and supporting the app.

Altrix on Despark

Leveraging an existing platform to reach new users

The Insight Network is a well-established team of therapists running successful clinics in the UK. We’re helping them transform this evidence-based approach into a whole new digital platform which introduces massive efficiencies, allowing them to deliver workplace programmes at scales previously unimaginable, thus taking their proven expertise to a much bigger audience.

Encouraging participation via wearables

Fitness apps are everywhere, but truly harnessing the power of the ubiquitous wearable device, whether it’s a Fitbit, Apple watch, Garmin, ECG or one of the new breed of intelligent sensor, is about more than a nice UI and some data points. Through our process of discovery, rapid prototyping and constant iteration, we can help you prioritise and test your features, ensuring you track and communicate data that actually serves a purpose. While StepJockey tasked us with making stair climbing fun, thus improving fitness levels among its users, our recent work with The Prince’s Trust on their Future Steps challenge saw thousands of users forming workplace teams to get fit, track steps and fundraise, all from one app.

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Before even getting the contract, they did exploratory work to better understand our goals and provide an effective solution. The CEO even came to the pitch. They went above and beyond what was expected, and their communication was excellent.

Future Steps on Despark

Helping nonprofits reach more people

Our proven track record as one of the first digital agencies working in this field and delivering products of this type has given us unparalleled knowledge of what it takes to succeed, with clients like Best Beginnings going on to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of families through the Baby Buddy app, which is now part of the NHS Apps Library. Reaching end users where they are instead of through gatekeepers helps channel funds into delivering critical health interventions and has been shown to deliver positive behaviour change.

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Despark’s team is strategic, approachable, flexible, and responsive. They did incredibly well in helping us grow our vision into a reality.

Best Beginnings on Despark

Reducing stigma and supporting mental health

Resources are scarce, waiting times are long, and the sector as a whole massively underfunded. So when an app can help vulnerable people access mental health support, the results can be life-changing. Life-saving, even. Mental health is a priority area in digital, and new fields such as digital therapeutics (software as a medical device) are set to revolutionise how we diagnose, deliver and grow mental health support. One example of our work in this area is how we helped grow the Kooth platform into an essential way of helping young people access mental health resources and counselling.

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