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Apps are evolving so fast it’s hard to know what to do first if you’re thinking about launching one yourself. There are lots of decisions to make: if you don’t have an in-house team, who do you hire and how do you decide on an app design agency? There’s tech jargon to navigate, and budget and time considerations. Perhaps the most important question is this:

Should you even build an app at all?

It depends on how well you’ve identified your target audience, and whether you’ve got a definite goal in mind. Building an app because ‘everyone else is’ isn’t a good enough reason. Launching an app just to publicise your business without another useful function is going to waste your time and money.

digital product agency london

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digital product agency london

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digital product agency london

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digital product agency london

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You need to be doing discovery—yesterday

The key to creating a digital product people will want to use is to meet a well-defined need, and for that the early stage of strategic thinking, gathering information and doing user research is vital. We call this step Discovery. It’s what goes into identifying the who, why and what of your app’s purpose. When we work with you, we run a bespoke discovery stage that’s hands-on, exhaustive (and fun.) But there’s a lot you can do right now to get a head start.

digital product agency london

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digital product agency london

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digital product agency london

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digital product agency london

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App development is evolving

Rather than the ‘waterfall’ approach of a long development phase followed by a reveal of a full product, it’s way more popular to use an iterative approach and launch a minimum viable product, or MVP. This is a lower-risk way of testing your concept more quickly, enabling you to then make informed choices about which features to develop next.

Learn from others

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They've really taken our team on a journey. We had an idea what we wanted to do, but no real way of knowing how to achieve it. They've helped us with all facets of the project from start to finish. It’s impressive to find a partner that can scope out what an idea might look like, as well as designing, building, and deploying the app.

- Startup client Altrix on Despark