UX (CX) Audit for insurance applications

Base business decisions on insights, not intuitions.

Get actionable, objective recommendations from an expert UX


We will conduct a competitive UX (CX) audit using behavioral analytics and user psychology to identify core problems that might affect user growth, conversion and retention rates.

Product insights

We will deliver a list of prioritised strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Actionable advice

With these evidence-based insights, you can prioritise and budget for design initiatives with confidence and a promise of return on investment.

“Our platform works just fine. Why aren’t people using it?”

The problem is, your company is still relying on outdated, visually unattractive customer-facing software applications with clunky user experiences.

“Working just fine” is no longer enough to engage users and keep them using your product. A mediocre user experience is costing you lost customers and missed revenue potential.

You need an outside expert UX evaluation to help you identify key user drop-off points and prioritise what needs improvement, right now.

Make insurance easy for your customers

Develop a seamless digital experience that meets the needs of both policyholders and agents. We can help you:

Accelerate new policy sign-ups

Increase the number of new clients with a digital-only registration

Onboard new customers with ease

Simplify the onboarding process in a few easy steps

Create a memorable user experience

Make best use of UX principles to attract and hold user attention

Open up new revenue streams

Up-sell and cross-sell your services entirely online

Client success story

How an improved UX delivers business gains for UNIQA

Аfter conducting a UX audit, we simplified the registration process, made it quick and easy to book medical appointments, improved the navigation, and created a new look and feel that’s more welcoming and comforting.

15% increase in doctor's consultation bookings

+200% increase in users who booked online consultations

Read the story

Improving workplace resilience via a customisable digital platform

We worked with Tamedocs to create a platform that improves the way medical records are shared between health insurance providers and doctors. We conducted a qualitative and quantitative research to uncover user insights and create a smooth, user-centric experience.

Read the story

We really enjoyed working with Despark. I was really impressed by their determination to understand user needs down to the last detail. They make gorgeous products and are amazing to work with.

Petya Lakova-Neycheva, Digital and Strategic Transformation Director at UNIQA Bulgaria

Enhance your user experience and improve your product’s key metrics.

A Holistic Approach to UX Audits

At the core of our UX Audit is the focus on researching your customers and understanding how they use your products and services. You’ll get a thorough analysis and specific recommendations that you can start implementing right away.

What motivates your customers?

How do they behave on your website or app?

Where and why they dropping off?

What drives them to use more of your digital services?

What’s included in a UX audit?

Deep dive

  • Onboarding session
  • Business goals alignment
  • User interviews and surveys
  • Stakeholder reviews


  • Competitive analysis
  • UX/UI product analysis
  • In-depth accessibility review
  • Heuristic evaluation

Action plan

  • Suggested solutions
  • Product roadmap for future design initiatives

Why choose us

Domain expertise

We have a proven track record working in the financial services sector and we implement a tailored approach to solve business challenges.

Human-centric ideology

We are firm believers in putting the human at the centre of everything we do. We strive to be empathetic to the user and create authentic and meaningful solutions that empower and improve people’s lives.

Research-based approach

We conduct quantitative and qualitative research to uncover key insights and behavioral analysis to optimize your product and boost user growth and engagement rates.

Flexibility and reliability

We rely on lean principles and agile development methodologies to build quickly and with less risk and we can guide you through the whole product life cycle.

UX Insights

Thoughts from our UX experts on current events, new tools and trends to level up your team.