Watch our webinar replay: mental health & digital

In this webinar, we’re talking about digital transformation in the mental health and wellness field, and why digital is key to the future of the sector. Karl Brown of Curv is our special guest, and hosting is Despark team Stoyan Dipchikov and Jo Bradshaw. 

As part of an established coaching and training organisation, Working Voices, Karl approached us to work on what would become the Curv app: a way of helping young and ambitious users make progress overcoming anxiety and procrastination, building confidence and becoming more assertive. Working Voices had already been doing a mixture of live and online coaching, but wanted to take it a step further.

The concept? To convert science, studies and ideas on human behaviour into simple, powerful actions users could take every day. The format? Short, engaging video content. Progress, reimagined.

Despark came on board to provide Discovery and UX, design, frontend and backend development for CURV, and deliver the app within 6 months. This also encompassed strategic advice on which features to include, how to shape the proposition and how to increase engagement. 

In the webinar we covered:

  • Why Karl's training organisation wanted to shake up their approach
  • What the Discovery process is for and how it's vital in shaping the digital product
  • How we worked together to unlock ideation and give Karl's team perspective
  • Why the Product Owner plays a key role in the product journey
  • How we managed to deliver more than a minimum viable product in a tight timeframe
  • Why testing and early user feedback is gold and how to design the process
  • Why a start-up mentality is so useful even for big companies
  • Using improv tools to stimulate thinking...and whose job it is to reign the brainstorming in
  • How Curv was designed to appeal to B2C and B2B audiences...and what that means for its greater impact
  • Why the App Store experience is important in capturing user attention right from the start.

As well as lots more!

The links we referred to during the session are: and

And you can read the Curv case study here.

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