Book a free strategy session

Book a free strategy session

You’re an established business that needs innovation? Don't waste any more time on deciding your next step. If you're wondering how to ensure the success of your digital product, we can set you on the right path during a 30 minute call with a Despark Product Owner.

  • Your value proposition

    Whether your product idea is viable based on our extensive experience in health & wellbeing

  • Technical feasibility

    What the best way to approach the build is - start from scratch or base on an existing platform

  • Defining core use cases

    Identifying the value you will provide to customers

  • Initial scoping

    Which features make the most sense for your product and audience and in which order you should roll them out

  • Team planning

    What it would take to deliver a project of this size

I think one of the biggest values was the openness and passion and boldness that Despark brought to the conversations that then enabled the development to go in the way it went. I love the fact that through that process, they stood firm on key bits of information that they genuinely believed in and they were totally right about.

Karl Brown, Founder of CURV