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Products constantly change & evolve. Stay agile, iterative and flexible throughout the development lifecycle.

Web development is more than being great at coding and with so many possible platforms, frameworks and languages available it’s hard to know what’s right for your website. Long-term success comes from an intimate understanding of technology and which platforms or coding languages best suit a project. Websites come in many shapes and forms and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.

We can solve all kinds of technical challenges using PHP Laravel framework, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (jQuery) and MySQL DB server. We are also experienced with WordPress, Drupal and Magento.

The dedicated front-end and back-end development team create stunning experiences that your users will adore. Whilst our production and creative teams make sure every pixel is in place. All teams work collaboratively together to deliver a successful project.

We follow best industry standards for development and believe that GitHub Flow helps us to deliver great websites.

Despark’s Quality Standards ensure functional and non-functional (OSs, browsers, resolutions) requirements are precisely completed. For more complex projects we are ready to provide performance and regressions testing too.

We know projects can constantly change and evolve, that’s why we work with an agile, iterative process to ensure that we’re flexible throughout the development lifecycle.

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