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User Experience Design

‘create, measure and learn’ to deliver unique, innovative and useful products.

User Experience isn’t about just making something easier for the user. It’s about creating an experience they love. This type of success is a science: a formula of ideas, behavioural understanding, technically excellent application and learning.

Our ‘create, measure, learn’ approach helps us deliver unique, innovative and useful products. Through studying people’s behaviour and real-life experiences, we create personas, wireframes and interactive prototypes to test, and test again. With a constantly changing environment, our team is faced with the daily challenge of finding better ways of doing things - we embrace new ways of thinking and actively incentivise our team to break the mould.

Design is about solving problems. We carry out extensive user research to understand both business needs and user needs, then create user flows and user stories to match them into an amazing user experience.

Our user experience team works closely with designers and developers to look at the Information Architecture and ensure that every component of the experience is covered through prototyping, wireframes and user testing.

If your product has offline touch points we will help you better connect that experience with your digital offerings.

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